Capitol Steps - Michael Brown lyrics

Fe fe fi fi fo fo fum
Who is the guy even Bush was callin' dumb?

Michael Brown, Michael Brown
Got shot down
That FEMA clown
We knew he'd resign
How bad can you be?
(Why's everybody always pickin' on me?)

He came from the Arabian horse society
And stepped in horse poop with this emergency

Michael Brown, Michael Brown
Wears a frown
And got flushed down
And after he's gone, he still has no clue
(I did just as well as the Three Stooges could do!)

Who saw a city that looked flat?
Who did the media laugh at?
Who tried to blame a Democrat?
Yeah, who? (Who me?) Yeah, you

Thousands with no jobs and stuck in a gym
Each one was way more qualified than him

Michael Brown, ask around
Ran this clown
Right outta town
But what a resume, is it possible we'll see?
(I'll be Bush's next Supreme Court nominee!)