Capitol Steps - Love Potion Number 9-9-9 lyrics

Cain: Hi, I’m Herman Cain, and as you know I’ve had to suspend my campaign, but hey, at least I kept things interesting for a while, much in the way every movie gets a little bit more interesting when the pizza delivery guy arrives.

Though once I led, it seems my race is through
Now what is next for Herman Cain to do
I’ll be CEO of a company that’s mine
Marketing a product called Love Potion Number 9-9-9

I’ll sell it far and wide in distant lands
They’ll buy it in Uz-becki-becki-stan
You ladies know that you’ll soon be feeling fine
This product can be yours for 9 dollars 99

Next time you have an interview, put some in your tea
You won’t mind if the boss man puts his hand on your knee
Whatever he suggests, you will be glad to agree
You know that you will get a job, and so will he

And though surely lately I have heard
Perhaps harassed is really just one word
I’ve begun to see that the White House won’t be mine
Because my approval ratings are .99999