Capitol Steps - Can't Get To A Church lyrics

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Prince Charles, this is my lovely wife Camilla.
Hello! Hello, hello!
As you know, we were recently wed and we have our whole lives before us. But you know, I do have one tiny, logistical question...
What's that?

When we go walking, my Buttercup
Should I walk with you?
No! Just saddle me up!

My bride is scary in the morning
Don’t want to see her before 9
‘Cause my Camilla looks like Godzilla
We won’t wed in a church this time

Our mom, the Queen, is now in mourning
Our family’s looks are in decline
Thank God your Nana chose Miss Diana
To propagate the royal line

My friends at work think that I’m a snob
That would be true, dear, if you had a job
Her chin is furry in the morning
You’ve got a face like my behind

Send her to Queen school
There goes the gene pool!
We won’t wed in a church
You sort of look like Lurch
I guess we proved to everyone that love is blind
She’s my tally-ho!