Capitol Steps - 401(k) lyrics

Boomer, call your broker to check on a rumor
That could cause you to lose your good humor
When you read your next statement you might go really psycho
Savings, your investments are now misbehaving
Your retirement prospects are caving
If you put all your money in world com stocks and Tyco

You need some help with your 401(k)
It's flying lower than TWA
If you bought stock in these, you'll retire with ease
If you really like mac and cheese

Go tell, how last year you thought it was so swell
To sink every last dime in AOL
When they merged with Time Warner, they said "You've got nailed"

You need some help with your 401(k)
You played roulette with your IRA
Once your nest egg was fat, now you wear paper hats
And say, "Would you like fries with that?"

You'll have to live at the YMCA!