Canon - 10 Toes Deep lyrics

For the Father we will take gunshots

We walking 10 toes deep, that's right my click goes hard
rocking RMG, still got that Reach in the car
we down like four flat tires in this race we running
y'all set that bar to the sky
well we set the bar to son

we down like four flat tires
we down like four flat tires
we down like four flat tires
we down like four flat tires

Who can pluck us out his hands, none of y'all
I'm so secure up in this, in this, I ain't stuntin' y'all
I ain't self made or self paid
More than some blood, sweat, and tears that's what the debt gave

This what you get, my squad is authentic
We nailed down to these crosses pullin' out splinters
We all tatted up, we brought back
Oh well we call that junk redemption
bring it back

we ain't just talking on wax, we sparkin' flames in the hood
used to that first 48? so we try to show 'em whats good
come sip that water we drinking, it'll make your life so rich
cause in hell its too late, where dehydration exists

So we hittin' every block, with a little pop, like we got a glock, we hit em with the rock, gotta give em' what they've been needing, We'll never stop, Pray the city drops, When they see the God Who's been the Father demolishing anybody who dishonors Him, better get low to the flow This I this The God y'all aint seen Ch-chopping up sinners who been living in the dream man I pray you awake on his team
That's why I'm ten toes deep