Cannibal Ox - Pigeon lyrics

[Vast Aireed)
Fuck that sinus problem
Johnathan banks

Folks of the same manor flock together
Congested on a majestic street corner
That's a short time achievment for most of them
Because most of them
Would rather expand their wings and hover over more exemplary things
That's what we call inspired aviation
By the men of a lower social class that have to eat pizza crust every night
And "Let there be light" was understood
When a microphone-stand descended from up-and-above into the manor
And if my face is worth a thousand words when it's scarred
I would only hope that two of those are glasses and tea
To heal the wounds of the tissue scarred to mark the death of pablo
But I've graduated, gained my wings
And one has to let go of my constructed Lego egg-o-waffle halo
Eh yo, I'm a white man with a lower class black hoodlum
Drum in my chest that beats on the opposite of the right
Let me know I got a breath left
In this frigid fragile capsule
That allows you to fly south before the winter winds trap you
I wrap my "hell I made it" wetsuit stitch
So I can butterfly stroke in elevators crazy wet through urine
I'm just a male with one mile left
That doggy-paddles through this dessecrate ocean of deceased life
And these rags-to-riches words will decapitate human flesh
Like the assassination of two species of bird with one stone
That's why I don't associate with folks who have the brain capacity of that of a pidgeon with their beaks in the air
Pelicans with wide jaws speak names in exchange for fish heads
You'll get thrown into fire or similar substances
Where some ornithologist will find your skeletal frame


Eskimo metal got faeces locked in oxygen shell
Words shot plated metal lung which spun childrens carrousels
alarms of higher quality technoloid these males fight quadruple arms swinging two toes exceptionally well
frightening toys jubilated extreme noise when iron works
Bullet shot animated metally insane windows by implementing fireworks
Shining summer-time hydrants
Splash passing cars, now run socially uncorrect tyrants
These faces bare scars (extremely large)
Pigeons turn penguins talk fables cellular
Detached Jesus Christ's messages
But freeze-frame gold chain swing Son of God
Iceberg gem shines on the neck of ghetto flight bird
Getting fly like wording
Let one settle
I remember cats snatched off the pedal (steal and bite days)
Doo-rags worn correctly (Piranhas biting ways)
Smoke cheeba via the lung Arabian camel
Fast like a cheetah and this fact has knocked me off my African sandal
God damn you! constructed skin of ethiopian nature
Trapped in run down neighbourhood's meg-yard where superbly-hard
Arms swing steel palms thus belonging to a leopard of iron skinned nature
Holding satanic metal eagle attacks the desert
Paranoid fingertips stitched with three-fifty and seven metal faeces
Tucked behind the belt ghetto style like delicate street etiquette
Never lacked toast metal cow got milk in the gut digesting
Cats have to eat swallowed beef horribly melanin mahogany
Black boys masticate on rap noid
Eight arms working short circuit which melted the manufactured crack
Slinging shot guns through the mouth of cracked helmets, the black race felt emotion about the matter
Cats who attempt to pop will get shot through the nostril
I appear to be suffering a migraine grab the pistol and get hostile
He caught you alone under great pressure
Unemployed persons screaming "That's why I robbed you!"
Tired of the Medicaid, deceased due to the car (?) Novocain diluted with freshly squeezed lemonade
"You better get a job!" my mother said, shes just imitating hawks
He nearly masticated on a bodega food stamp transaction
Left one in corners buckled me accompanied by evil hands clapping
Sporting my "hell I made it" wetsuit stitch
So one can backstroke in elevators extremely wet due to cats urinating in the surounding area
I sport my simulated air tank section
So I can leave pressures of oxygen where my microphones lit
I'm just a pigeon