Canned Heat - Get Off My Back lyrics

I don't want nobody tellin me what to do
It's true, I don't need anyone around here telling me what to do
I don't want no man tellin me what to say, or smoke
I don't need any man telling me what to say

and I wish that man would get off my back
He's held me down too long
and I don't need no man like that around
I remember one time you knocked me down
to the ground, that's why I say
I didn't know then what I know now, mama you

When I visit my baby we're not alone
you're there, you listen
when I talk to my baby on the telephone
When I write her a letter you read it through
checkin me out, you've even heard us
making love and I don't want you to

I had a dream when I was a boy
The????? were clear and poor
and all that I could hear and see
were the waves of the ocean and the spray in the breeze
long ago and far away, before all the rest
I had a dream that I still loved the best
and to the place, where the man ain't found
I'm going

I'm going, I'm going where the man ain't found
Yes I am
Yes I am, yes I am
going, I'm going where the man ain't found
I'd like to go where the man ain't found
If the man ain't found he won't find me, if I do something wrong