Canibus - Y'all Can't Ball lyrics

Yours truly, sing like the shaman of the Jupi
The Sifu Sufi out the Jet Li movie
We put rhymes to beats, apply the heat
They had to wake from sleep and find the street
Beats comb the surface for Cloak ‘N Dagga's hidden verses
Do not disturb it, do not unearth it
You won't live long enough to make a decision
‘Cause your Indiglo watch gave away your position
The God Squad magistrate silverback-apes in capes
How long will the ground attack take?
Mortar shell loud-sound base crack the gates
The ground shakes, the brown paste is now in your face
Give you astronaut vertigo, watch the land go vertical
‘Til there's no view of the Earth at all
Tube launch, optic retract, wire, got it
The Goldilocks System exists and I'mma find it
Emcees want to battle, first I breathe with ‘em
‘Til the beam hit ‘em, dehydrate ‘em and kill ‘em
Drink from Evian bottles with gasoline in ‘em
My .50 cal. buck you down with extreme rhythm
My Kevlar cover was my only pot to piss in
They air dropped an ounce of pot for the mission
With Pol Pot precision the assassination was not permitted
Nigga, it was not forgiven
One shot, one kill, it's so surreal
When I rhyme the audience stand perfectly still
With my eighty-pound payload, my right arms weight in gold
You better run for the safest hole
With bones and skulls and scaffolds on the wall
Cold and dark, no emotion at all
Very revolutionary
My pituitary is a Blueberry that produces energy
Wake up, you never get over the dream
Run your lips through a laser-beam sewing machine
Cloak ‘N Dagga dream trackers, feet like Frodo Baggins
Body bag them, Tombstone toe-tag them
Cloak ‘N Dagga //