Canibus - Wake Up Show Freestyle With Ras Kass And Krondon lyrics

War the hardcore raw metaphor
Bout to blackout one time for ya
I'm as dangerous as they come
Dangerous with or without a gun
I've been dangerous from day one
Rhyme flows explode like pyro's
Stick to your ribs like chicken & think gravy from Roscoe's
You get your head flowin if you dumb in the dome
Or struck with some stone till you fill numb in the bones
You betta keep your big mouth closed
‘Fore I stick a muzzle of chrome in that hole under your nose
Send a signal to my index & tell it to fold in the direction of wrist bone
To release your soul I told you to freeze
If I was you I would have froze but you chose that other route
And got blown full of holes a pistol to ya mug cripple ya tongue
Rip through ya lungs then write your name on your tombstone
Scribbled in blood
C'mon give me a little love is there anybody out there that never felt
One rhyme that Canibus bust
You a liar liar ya pants on fire watch the G.O.A.T.
But the ghostwriter get slaughtered by a tiger
I saw him in the Pun video holdin up his lighter
I smeared his career like doo-doo inside a diaper
My style is sicker then infected women & men
I'm so raw I can caught AIDS without stick in it in
Flip & dip like scrimps n scampi
Switch my language up like a black kid raised by a Spanish nanny
you think you got big chuoonas well I got bad news
After tonight you'll have a testicular tumor
Dirty Manhattan alley to Atlanta where niggas drive Caddies
To Trick Daddy & Trina down in Miami
To Louisianan with Cash Money & Manny with (?????)
To Cali with a raspberry daiquiri I'll assault
And battle you badly words fire rapidly
Like heavily armed apaches piloted by a trigger
Happy Iraqi with extremely bad acne
I cause catastrophe to any nigga trying to battle me
Yeah 2000 B.C.
Ay yo I radiate like plutonium as far as the glow
Got ya counters drum roll when I start to flow
A patriarch with a heart of nopleum barn apart
I stomp across continents to conquer my art
I'm millennium lyricist area 51 physicist
Rhymes hot to melt the wax off the turntables
Before the DJ even starts spinnin it
Raps can melt the wax right of the back of kid Icquris
Sharper then the shit you shank niggas with
Sharper then scissor tips sharper then rings on
RZA's fist its ridiculous
How so many of you suckas figured it
Maybe we could get a name if Canibus diss' this
I know how you suckas think
You figure since you already a pussy you might as well
Give me syphilis envious cause my rhymes is infinite
And you lyrically limited to the little boxes you livin in
Ras Kass show'em how you blast off //