Canibus - The Ancient Ones lyrics

I was born in Jamaica, reincarnated by the Creator
I crawled out of a meteorite crater
Bat-shit crazy, I feel like Hip Hop hate me
They erased me and my sanity escaped me
Sumerian, Israelian, mammalian mixed with alien
From the constellation of Aquarius
The logo was branded on the back of the savage
Who demanded your daughter's hand in marriage for sex magick
The light glows on the Agate, rock in the cabin
she and I stand before a rabbi in dark fabric
The best man is a jealous scumbag maggot
He's also her best friend who pretends to be a faggot
Next passage: death is a language, I'm Hannibal Lecter
Coronate metaphors with my sword and sceptre
I was never the best, just corrupted by the weight of success
Could've been more productive with less breath
I translate codes, animate 1's and 0's
To sideways 8 'til something great unfolds
These are the Psalms unknown, reborn to the bone,
It feels wrong, look at these rags I have worn