Canibus - Spitting Sickness lyrics

You know an emcee, send him to me
I ain't never met another nigga better than me
Inner luxury naked, there is no thought this sacred
There is no force to save him
Silent Buck Rogers floating in space subconscience
Your knowledge is nothing but nonsense
The concept _____ political process
This is not a lyrical contest
Yo, fatidical flow, ____ engine cylinder grows
Some visuals show, I scribble some notes
Degrees decrease as soon as the signature of the heat decode
_______ froze, my crystal is broke
____ of sound and circuit round a personal crown
Believe me it's more worse than it sounds
If the testimony dimensional genetics
Connecting my spiritual past to my spiritual present
The sentence, back in the saddle ready to battle
Climbing and cackle, the rap skill level is supernatural
I'll rap you, wrap you ____
As soon as you come to confess in the chapel, I attack you
The whole congregation laugh at, this rap fool
Paranoid Chillin' with an attitude
You want a lesson then book the session
Canibus, Zambo, Sick Since no question