Canibus - Ripper Rap lyrics

f my rhymes ever take to hind legs like a bear
And stand straight up in the air it’s not fair
They tried to come at me with fear
I don’t care- it’s my destiny to be here
So I ain’t scared
I seen the God King’s son spit ‘Beasts From the East’
And I couldn’t spit that rhyme right now without freezing
Been underground for a thousand seasons
I’m underground for a thousand reasons
With ten thousand pieces
Dominate a whole entire species
Every piece is as strong as the first one
There is no weakness
Put the pieces together
Blame me for the reason you’re better
When you come back tougher than leather
When the crescent moon glow
You know you gonna see him rise from the Mausoleum to the Hypogeum
Rise from the Mausoleum to the Hypogeum
Rise so high in the sky that all eyes can see him
The generous ____ example of who shouldn’t see
But what wonders when the reliable will be allowed leave
If this sounds out of place, realize there’s a reason for that
One reason could be that this is a trap
This is called Ripper Rap
Filosofey in fact
Show ‘em where you at
Canibus got your back