Canibus - One More Bar lyrics

Don't you spit 'One More Bar', once barred
You may not stand for ten years or more are you sure?
Climbing the pyramid two blocks at a time
'Til I'm face to face with Optimus Prime
'Bar War' rap in the Temple of Karnak
The wolf has no constituent need to bark back
Put your ear to the phone, it takes them three seconds
to pronounce the true casualty rosters' death tolls
Rocket propelled bars from a Alaska's largest national park
Where helicopters crash in the dark
The eagle was a phoenix, the phoenix is a zenith of a greater meaning
You are reading what I'm seeing
Lyrically theoretically I'm Schiaparelli
The meaning behind Cydonia is so interesting
The old man on the mountain from New Hampshire
Says fire, live free, or die or retire
C-c-cold Leopold, his whole bottom row solid gold
He possess all knowledge known
The verse I write is manufactured thermite
Spore bearing life forms come to life on the mic
Perigee and apogee, your rhymes trapped in my gravity
Something that we understand naturally
Un-improvident talking prominent Guy Fawkes armament,
Bomb parliament Big John was a big part of it