Canibus - May 16 XPRMNT 2011 Track 2 lyrics

Konogoro is the language, out here Inugami mountain
Out here trying to promote this album
Examine the translation; but what's the situation?
I thought Hip Hop was the language of many nations
A chance at exploration not exploitation
We goin' in big circles on some run away slave shit
I thwarted the attack, but you don't see it like that
Just like you don't see how many verses came outta that track
I grab the mic off the mic stand with my Hellboy hand
Then I proceed to battle Hell boy's man
My father was bitten by a poisonous snake in Guyana
He was treated by Birmingham's doctor
That's where I learned to play soccer
The sun burning hotter outside watching Rap City with the Rasta
Grateful and relieved about what has been achieved
Not scornful with desires and unabated greed
Even the uneducated seed can agree
That modern day emcees is not like they used to be
I still get busy usually, not in front of everybody
Just you and me, I'll show you how it used to be
I seeded the planet, Canibus evolution advancement
In infinite commandment, what's the advantage?
There is none, open your mind, seek out the sun
In the background you see a Brown Dwarf on the drums
Maharaji, my head Yogi told me
I "am not alone not matter how lonely, so walk boldly"
Purpose is removed, then sacrifice ignored
Hip Hop is restored through Lyrical Law
We never been regular rappers, see the names on the nebula ballad
Special, lyrical, RTJ tactics
He claimed that he'd written the greatest rhyme of all time
And NOW is the time to take it out the archives
The Adamic Race was created by those who landed from space
Atlantis was only one planetary base
Appalachia, Terrania, Palencia, Oceania
Yeah, shut the fuck up and show me on camera
The national reconnaissance guys are disguised
As flies that are really micro-electronic spies
Flies on the wall that read your thoughts through sub-sonic pulse
We're all just better off being quiet, boss