Canibus - MC Mr. C lyrics

Aiyo, I stand in the observatory
My staff stands before me with wordless glory, they adore me
Minutes are not recorded, hours are converted to orbits
With exabyte tape storage
Listen, Canibus one way trip
Mission M16, the Eagle Nebular star system
My rap refracts the rhythm
The beats stays behind this line until I give them permission
Forever aesthetic, the credits should go to Henrietta Leavitt
The stars she's measured, don't forget it
She left me a message
She told me my dark energy was energetic and I must respect it
She told me the Universe was pregnant and I was the father
Shit that's a whole lot to swallow
My alien friends
Niobium titanium ranium copper oxide say it again
MC Mr C, we know who you're reputed to be
You get busy, how foolish of me
Metaphors by edict, leave Hip Hop speechless
I write it, they read it, they need it 'cause they believe it
My two inch reels are hermetically sealed
In a cabin below New York, post war built
Deep underground military base too
How's a dummy like you gonna ever know the truth?
They ask for proof
Saint Germaine praying, computer brain analysis, get in the booth then produce
Light from within touch the ring around the firing pin
The Universal Mind is wired in
A hundred grid bed nuclear motors
Weighing less than ten thousand pounds, operated by a thousand soldiers
Doors to the memoirs of metaphors
Leads you down a hall on that ends in a waterfall
Nobodies been there before, but they'd love to be
No video cameras, they would love to see
Just left the confession box my Lord
Excuse me while I go to
Sitting there bored, graveyard shift at the morgue
Close circuit security level four
Hans Blix scripts the 'Beast from the East' conflict
Cos nobody rhyme like this
My spit uranium, rich sexagenarian, 6-6
My cranium is an aquarium with fish
Combat risk, scale of one to ten, a six
My compact disc make your compact glitch
If you only have one wish, speak it, but first believe it
It's called metaphors by edict