Canibus - Line Of Sight lyrics

This is for the soul keep it oldschool bro
This is for those too young to remember the grassy knoll
Just one Can I Bus cold blooded cold crushing competition from the grassy knoll

Yo, I spit over the top for hip hop
rhymes be bar studded
you can fuck wit it or walk away from it
If you look at your brother and he is at his worst
be assured he is only a reflection of you first
the truth hurts
my vantage point from the new earth
took it back to the days of cool herc
freestyle naw you go first sometimes if feels like work
I start to curse and spit a cold verse
watch the gun talk from brain water run off
reassemble the parts then lubricate it all
log off from the internet unplug it from the wall
disconnect cords from boards and usb ports
surf corners like cameras at wharfs and sea ports
of course retards like you are not allowed to retort
if i wanna read your thoughts I"ll tell you to keep it short
lets talk turn the whole thing off and press start
lets walk dont let all the the red dots scare you off
you can't turn gun play back into gun talk