Canibus - Layered Prayers(For Whom The Beat Tolls lyrics

Aiyo, Mother Earth absorbs the blood I bleed
Hip Hop is my blood, I believe
That I am not free and neither are you
The only time I feel free is when I'm rhyming in the booth
The lion on the loose is not a reckless recluse
But really a dictator with his neck in a noose
For war crimes, hardcore rhymes from a warped mind
That enjoyed the dark matter in the void before time
The innocent murmured it, murdered because they worshiped him
They let the serpent in but it never occurred to them
The deity regards emcees like me piously
Check the degree, see if it's me
On planet Earth I designed mankind's rebirth
A marble of water and rock salt from a verse
The moon, the sun and the stars
I am who you are, together we all form God
I laugh at the creation of it, the explanation of it
Not the original but man's imitation of it
They took Hip Hop and changed the subject
Then I brought Hip Hop back and made you love it
Through deterrence, detention and prevention
Never write the wrong sentence, if I ever said it I meant it
The insatiable, inescapable regiment
What's the weight? Add four more plates, I bench it
Skinny-ass nigga, grab your neck with a pen-grip
Bend it through telepathic suggestion
I rap so serious, the vocal myriad
Occurs intermittently over protracted periods
Rap 'til you get delirious, wack niggas get furious
Keep dissing me, your girl's getting curious
Darth Vader on the cross-fader releasing the raw data
This is called hard jawbreaker labor
When I see you I'ma battle you, then tackle you
Then grapple you, then probably snap you in two
Yo, ain't that the truth, outside the booth
Air combat manoeuvres without no computer
Space wings that cause spings motherfucker
We gonna dogfight above cloud cover
High in the friendly skies, where unfriendlies lie
Where friendlies and unfriendlies die
You and I race to the Sun, I just got back, the race is done
Ages have ended and ages have begun
Cognitive saturation, I am the one
Tell me where Chaingun Germaine came from
A Dara-i-Suf, the river of caves
My ribcage look like miniature shin blades
When I bathe in the waters below
"Still waters run deep", King Cthulhu told me so
Magma-dome under Yellowstone inside the bowels of the Earth
I'ma show you the power of the verse
'Cause man cannot establish dominance over man indefinitely
Man only respects God's energy
Telluric energy, drawn from the bowels of the Earth
I'ma show you the power of the verse
Telluric energy, drawn from the bowels of the Earth
I'ma show you the power of the verse