Canibus - Job Interview lyrics

Job interview, recession reaches a new pinnacle
My stimulus package is lyrical
Canibus spit a few, one, two, one, two
One, one, one, one, one, two, one, two

Yo, Shaquille O'Neill got a piece of steel
With the drum magazine that looked like a truck wheel
He said, "Go 'head Bis, I'ma hold them off"
I said, "I stay with you Boss" and got back on my horse
It's about to get dark, could be a little while before the clouds part
So just do what I tell you when I talk
Change how you see the world, look at yourself in it
How much can you matter if you are not infinite?
For every lyric I spit, there's a hater in the midst
Do it with fists, Kevlar grips, triggers and shit
They wheel me in the booth, unstrap me
I vocal the truth, fuck up Take One, but ace Take Two
Can you relate to this my dude? I'm the best and I'm not being rude
Even if I'm by myself in my room
I work with you, you don't have to sell no units
This is Hip Hop brother, we can all do this
Think up something, no not that
I meant something easier than real rap, like tryna' stop meteor impacts
I got rhymes, so many you may as well not have any
The world might as well be ending, the earthquakes are trembling
The respect is condescending, I reject you stop resenting
Non violent venting, what exactly are you recommending?
Heavy Mental rap shit strategies, tactics
Vernacular gymnastics, line up for your SpitBoss patches
Not you 'cause lyrically you got your ass kicked
Come back when you got rap mastered
You more practice