Canibus - Here 4 Free lyrics

(Female #1)
Girl! Look over that Canibus?

(Female #2)
I Don't Know

(Female #1)
It looks like him

(Female #2)
I think it is

Is your name on the list?
Who you here to see?

I don't think I'm on the list
I'm just here for Free

You got a video out?
You got a platinum LP?

Yo why does that matter?
I just came for Free

Alright Bis
Let him through

(Female #1)
Where's he been?

Damn girl, look at you now, huh
On T.V. with that pretty smile, huh
Truth is, I miss you and I want to tell you
But I ain't got no numbers, e-mail, or nothing
You know I seen you at the Bad Boy for Life shoot
You was wearing the tight-blue night-suit
I remember when I connected eyes with you
You winked at me, I thought that was really nice of you
I remember once staying up all night with you
Writing with you, talking about life with you, it was exciting too
I'm assuming you did the same because you cared
Girl, don't you remember all the laughter we shared?
We used to talk about why Praz failed so bad
And why the hell Wyclef's breath smelled so bad
O.K., I know I don't need to tell them all that
But we was kind of feeling each other, you can't deny that
We worked on records together, you murdered them tracks
I think it was sexy how you said them verses like that
You said, 'Free be the one rocking shit, special operative
Specialize in weapon diagnostics
Just thinking about it got me supped up
I want to hug you in your birthday suit, what?
Damn, this record is getting out of hand
I'm crazy; you probably, already got a man
In that case, I hope you hear this song
Sincerely yours, see you in One Oh Six and Park