Canibus - Close To Me lyrics

One way in, no way out
To this day no one knows how Germaine came out
Break a thousand bricks with a sound no louder than this
The mic to fist, it's Canibus
Rap music game pro master potato smasher
Cloak n Dagger, everything you know matters
Breeze up the block, harvest the bread crop
I got stock from Fort Knox to Red Rock
Leave you dead on the block, in Boston with red on your socks
Here have a couple meds on the dock
Found him with his limbs lost, jaw bone ripped off
The airborne stench made me barf with a sick cough
Lip gloss, crucifer cross, shit boss
I'm a bit lost, I ain't know the nigga was soft
Wake up, smell the roses the fucking toy soldiers
got Styrofoam shoulders and can't stay focused
Roadside bomb blast shown on comcast
Monday grandpa past cause Sunday Mom fast
Grimey is the grittiest
The polluted air plus the water I mix it with makes me amphibious
The illest iliad salute your listeners
Granted I get the busiest, nigga watch the Ripper rip
Take a sip of this liquid spit, poisonous shellfish shit
Hear beats like a mortar shell hit
Suffocate twelve mannequins with the same fucking handkerchief
Then hit you with a cinemast hit
Foam insulated hydro-hydrated out of Vegas
HeadTrauma home of the worlds greatest
Knock-knock who's home, tell them it's Tombstone
Spit rap kickback could produce bruised bone
From a 'Group Home' to 'Mind Control'
To fighting a war, back to the HeadTrauma ward
With a nurse put a Flex E's around my testes
Yes please anything's better than Guess Jeans
Had sex in screams spray jet stream
No time to conversate just tell me ten things
Let's talk about lyrics, not records sales
Bodyslam your favourite rapper on a bed of nails
Resurrect the grail my chainmail like dragon scales
Battle? Watch the faggot bail
Bite the head off the body like Ozzy
Watch me, don't come around acting cocky //