Canibus - Army Footage (Rhyming In Front Of Tank) lyrics

Who write the song, I write the song
Rhymes accelerate through the cyclotrons in nine microns
Turn my mic on, regurgitate the windpipe bomb
The opposite of a black lung is a white one
Can-I-Bus in your face, shrapnel free concussion grenades
Mammalian diver reflexes, undulating under the waves
Got something to say come to the cave, stick your head in
I'll bring a new meaning to the phrase dead end
A totally tumultuous tragedy, you battle me?
I'll perform rhinoplasty with surgical savagery
Wield the axe with more gravity than Agassi
Crack your teeth ‘till you mouth sounds like a tambourine
You think I'm over rated? I'm nauseated
I'm the living creation of the equation Minkovski formulated
With an automated overbite
Swift as a canard wing shin den prototype, when I'm holding the mic
Who write the song?