Canibus - Apache Chassis lyrics

A scientific division of lyricism
Outside the physical prism we swim in
They misrepresent with negative negligence
I was sent to monitor and develop intelligence
Kabbalah Math is all I have
My wife and child were both killed in a helicopter crash
Same old story, chicken noodle was corny
I'm Hip Hop royalty, I wore the flag on me
Four scars, no stars, everybody I know has gone
The ones I still know ain't got no jobs
I joined the army so I could be armed
Do something before they drop a bomb on your lawn
Yeah, it's just a song
A woman gets killed on the way to Wal-Mart but it's just your mom
I smash on a novice, smash on a soft target
Deep underground military base dumb smart bombing
In the crate chamber grand centre, raise your right hand Mister
Tell them you a Ripper, don't whimper
The judge said, "How do you plea?"
I replied, "Innocee in the Sea of Tranquility"
Cathartic starving artist, God ain't make me no promise
He put me in the pit with the monsters
Half man half lykin, born Titan boar fighting
That's where I swore my rites in
Pirate of the millennium, UAV scours the Caribbean
And tell me where my girlfriend went with him
Transportation provided on the tarmac
Low lighting, de-icing stealth riders on Cyprus
We landed in Atlantis
In the Canibus suite smoking cannabis for the cameras
Panties unseen, G-string extreme
V for the virtuous virgin wearing violin strings
W is just the V and its twin
In God's name who would even think such a thing
Canibus get busy, fuck you!
I've been bleeding red, white and blue since 'Krush Groove'
I instruct you, you may construct for those who trust you
But do not interrupt me in the booth
Send a kite up, Hurricane Germaine bite up
It wake up tied up, face covered with drying blood
Red Leader Viper, clean sweeping for the next fighter
Sci-D enters the cipher