Canibus - Allied Meta-Forces lyrics

Yo, the shotee rip, perforate the skin on top of your ribs,
Red stuff comes out of squibs like a Hollywood script,
Bitch niggas on the floor screaming for mommy and shit,
Cardiologists hook up the heart monitors quick,
Thermometer temperature dips below seventy-six,
That's what you get for telling niggas that you're better than 'Bis,
Not possible, if I can't pronounce it, it ain't rhymable,
The audible probability probably ain't probable,
Supreme rap, G rap underground without a roof,
Chopper proof, holding Hip Hop for hostage about to shoot,
Helicopters stabilize at low altitudes,
I'm talking to the negotiator laying out the rules,
In a tight compromising loop, road blocked with troops,
Under orders not to shoot but they break your vertebra with boots,
Ten O'clock news flash, Bis and G Rap,
All points bulletin looking for them niggas in black,
Leaned back in an Avocado Eldorado,
Passing the bottle, speaking Japanese like, 'No me mah show'
She's got a baging body, cold sushi with warm saki,
And if I'm rapping sloppy G's got me.

(Kool G Rap)
Welcome to my world, danger and hazards
Gang of bastards, banging they ratchets
King and the Jacker, slanging in traffic
Claiming they cabbage, obtain half, they aiming for static
Get brains from an addict, keep blinging with karats
Cops see me in Maddox, then let ya dame have it, flames to the attic
The stains on ya fabric, the paint in the graphic
Canibus and G Rap, banging a classic
And if that beef on the street - hate you enough,
Blow out ya brain in your casket
Don't you love this drug element?
Where slugs crush your melanin dome
Chrome that's known to break bones in an elephant
Shotgun pellets and, gunsmoke; smell the scent
Big bullets, wiggle your guts like gelatin
Cut through your skeleton, knockage intelligence
Ride, stand, and bite the dust
Jake wanna be like a Russian cuffed on that Riker bus
We raised in the slums, with haze in our lungs
Raising the guns, knowing
My day'll come, razors under the tongue
Clips in the steel, bricks in the wheels,
Chips in the field of fortune
Dead men walking with hits on the grills
Late night at the spot, posted with goons, dope and balloons
Coke and the doom, scheme;
I'll leave you open with wounds nigga
Witness G Rap put it back in perspective
Beat up shit with a dash of the peppers, get blast for ya necklace
Leave ya brains on the dash in your Lexus
We up in the club, dash for the exit
Make ya spread 'em out - show you what this lead about
Take it from an old thug, whoever clean cold blood
Believe they bled it out (yo)
Crave for the war, pop out rages with fours
Hit the jackpot, blazing the raw - getting bands in the pores
Bitches in draws with dick in their jaws
The frame drank sick of Valour, straight bandit spot
Open up shop, turn the block to 'Planet Rock'
Shit with no chop, slept with the glock with the hammer cocked
Serving the fiends, hop in the Suburban and lean
Look at that don nigga swerving in Queens, player
Balling a lot, brawling for props, calling the shots
Hit the curb, birds all on the flock
Jocking, like "who that there covered in all of them rocks"
It's royalty bitch, fall on the cock, recognize one
Giacanna G Rap, that live one - pay homage
Get it fucked up, I spray comments, nigga what?!
(Nigga what, it's the Curriculum! Mic Club)

Anything is everything my nigga,
I ain't bitter but if I give you the finger it'll be behind a trigger,
Faggot ass nigga living in a gated community,
Up at radio telling them what you're going to do to me,
I live in the 'burbs,
Clean my Winchester every other weekend with the same dirty Hanes shirt,
It takes two to tango, three to jump rope,
Four to bury the body plus look out for po',
Yo, I guard everything within the limits of my post,
My orders are to smoke you if you get too close,
The whole globe is scared of my flow,
Spirit world, scared of my soul,
Nowadays it's like I'm scared to be known,
The methods of my motivation is completely subjective,
My perception is completely parallel to perspective,
Rhyming is the reason I spit in faces,
Habituation of my flamboyance without rational reservation,
Whiskey, X-Ray, Yankee, Zulu, unusual,
Wordologically my syllable position is beautiful,
Only respect niggas if the feeling is mutual,
G Rap snatched the jewels fom you, I'll throw them in the crucible,
Probably throw you in it too, mix it up and make nigga stew,
If you can't admit that I'm iller than you,
Baby, you're sparring with the shadows, Canibus and G Rap flow,
Motherfucker you're 'fessionalling with the Pros.

(Kool G Rap)
Know it's, dough over hoes - bankrolls, Rovers and clothes
and shots blow all them cowards and foes
Giacanna proud with the pros, foul mode
We quick reachers, spear with the fearless til you drip liters
Flip divas, the big secret, strip to they tits and beaver
Sip Cris' and sniff coke of the peeter
Yeah we ball big baby, look off the meter
You should see us, it's movie star status
Scar lackers lost cabbage, rip the Pablo Escobar fabrics
Froze the road we chose, not a pretty route, Diddied out
Grimey and grittied out, stack dough, jiggy out
Dime bitches behavin like ya sex slave skizzied out
Some nigga dizzy south, til he's out, busy mouth
Swerve to the curb, hit the bird split the kitties out
We kidnap for trap - blackmail for a gang a mill
Spot banger himself, fishscale rocks under the fingernails
The blood trail lead to a corpse
Treat my appetite for greed with a torch
For keys to a Porsche, to breeze in the loft
Roll up my hand sheets with the force
We squeeze off, no need for remorse, player
Forty wild goons, we forty Calhouns
You die forty foul dooms for forty coward moves
Bless sparkle, and spark until my shorty style rules
Giancanna dead? Widespread, I'll be a 40 mile tune nigga
What, what nigga? The noble laureate
Comin at y'all niggaz..
Uh.. 40-pound style nigga...