Canibus - 2Fast2Real (Remix) lyrics

Eleanor, I don't want to touch you, I don't want to clutch you
I can't turn around and walk away ‘cause I love you
Horsepower muscles blow your head off through the sunroof
Then I burn rubber in the tunnel
Spitfire 454 off the muzzle
Nitrous oxide slush, quarter mile run through
Carburetor throttle snap like a bear trap do
Snap your rear axle then throw a beer at you
Play it again Misty, the octane hippie nicknamed Drifty
Six Speeds doing 160
Blink quickly, still missed me
Leave burn marks like Earnhardt then sip real whisky
Mickey Thompson slickies, fireproof cackey Dickies
Draw, it's all in the wrist speed
Charge your troop, paratroop deploy parachute
we're 2 Fast and 2 Real for you, that's the truth