Candypants - Dishy lyrics

Boys make chicken hard to eat
But I think boys are awfully sweet
Tender like a baby ham
Sticky with pineapple jam
Sniff your heady new perfume
Clear your plate to make some room

Boys are super crunchy treat
Make a cookie hard to beat
Butter up and bake them through
Like a chewy macaroon
Tease the pallate with a kiss
Then the kettle starts to hiss

I'm so hungry when I see
A juicy boy in front of me
Give me three square meals a day
With boy as sidedish and entree

Some are sweet like sugar pop
Pour the milk and scoop it up
Others simmer all day long
Bubble up and burn your tongue
Any way they're done is right
Smack your lips and take a bite

I'm so hungry when I see
A dishy boy in front of me
Give me three hot meals a day
Of boy fondue and boy fillet

I don't want a sirloin steak
Don't give me a chocolate cake
What my tummy needs the most
Creamy boy spread on my toast
When he's nibbled to the core
Please sir may I have some more?