Candy Butchers - Tough Hang lyrics

Out on the Interstate, there's a man rushing home to you
Just like I did when I had something to rush home to
Did you call me over to rub it in?
Did you call me over to dig you out?
I can't take it when he talks shit
Knowing he makes love to you with that mouth
It's a tough hang

He thinks he has me pigeonholed with my mall clothes and cologne
Yeah, well, I'm not the most original, but at least I have a mind of my own
He's in the same suit, different hanger
He's in the same frame, different face
He is not my doppelgänger
'Cause I can't be replaced
It's a tough hang

Next time tell him not to dance, and I'll promise not to laugh
He can't hold his booze and I can't hold your hand, we're both fading fast
He's playing Thumbelina with my Athena
He's playing Little Piggies, too
I'd like to stay here and babysit with ya
But there's nothing left for me to prove
It's a tough hang