Candiria - Vacant lyrics

I'll break it down right in front of you
I will tell you my story
From birth, a bastards point of view
Occult bloodline flowing through my family
Was I rejected sperm and my mother your flesh cup in the line of fire
The product of your drunken pig lust
You're the burden that you eat
I'll push you off the highest mountain to penetrate your palace of hypocrisy
The master of the breeding field has spilled his shame on me
The vacant son
What was two, is down to one
Turned your front and back to remove the spine

Molded bread filled with poison
Calloused hands
Tempers boiling
How dare you

Lie down unfaithful intruder
Where did this come from
Your grip will devour
Your wolves
Your sacred lamb

I will rise strong
Your lies inconsistent
I will rise strong
Half of man
Lost dog
You killed me
You killed us
Broken, broken

Tears for nothing
Tears for you
This made me strong
Where were you
All is forgiven by me stranger
When you died, did you eat your cancer
You left so soon
Give me closure