Candiria - 1000 Points Of Light lyrics

Burn your fears away
Burn your bridges
Rise up against the chains that bind you
Remove your harness
Up, down, left, right
I am man that makes me strong
Cut your life
Sing with me
Blood is power
Stand with me
Die for honor with nail in hand
I bleed for you...bleed for you

I'll watch the palaces fall under my feet
We'll devastate the walls
Pure hysteria
Hairs will stand up on the neck
Fecal matter on their breath
So spit them out
They have come to infiltrate with demons in their mouth
Hunted is the prey
Lost is the sheep
We have gone astray

I will speak of the wars that lie ahead
Your slavery is subliminal
The message forced
Digging it's teeth into your head
Bombarded with scenarios
This is the morning of the end.
This is the morning of the chaos that begins
A scream forever leaking from your burning kin
Illuminate the king
Forms of worship

Open your heart
Let me enter your kingdom
You're running with arms apart
They lied to you
They lied to you
Disgusting what is real
The gun is in your mouth
Be strong and pull it out
They will burn
They will burn, burn, burn