Cameron Wallace - Pyramids (2012)

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Cameron Wallace - Pyramids lyrics

Uhh baby bout to lose my mind
Got me like my ..
Uuh bout to los my mind
Is crazy

Look i heard the same that life goes on
Btu what happens qhen life goes wrong
Stuck in a position tryin to figure it out
Got me in some mision i'm about to tap out
They trippin should've been teaching me something different
Pyramid of an ancient haroglifics
Yeah 'cause it's never what it seems
Thye got you gas up fool esteem
I'm more .. Can't say i'm a survivor
We all fighting but i'm in the ring like tyson
I'm tryin to get it from my life and i'm washing ..
Tryin to frightnening
But who's ..All i wanna do is reach up in the air
Bad bitch can .. Like oh yeah
But it's a war going on no i'm ..
Ad we gone
Too busy ride on crown
Too busy line on song
..Mom's working 25 years
One day came in dissapear
For somebody who world they whole life
They shake kind of tragic and call it ..

Ahh .. No childrens on
We don't really play around here
You already know what we own living life without fear
Bout to lose my mind it's crazy

Yeah i'm just a .. And searchgn for a ..
Givin two shit this ain't life ..
I had a dream seems like every day
Got me ..Drive a man crazy
I'm such a product ..Broken lazy
We're moving too slow
Im tryin .. What do you go
Nigga you never know why


We have to ahev information
Understanding that .. Across the book
Of all of the ..
You gotta close that book
Keep that .. Int he book
.. To the future .. Evil ..
And i say it if we dont' ..
This world ..When we have to face the fact
Of the .. United stated of america
..What we have to do is to figre out what to do
..The machine of the imperialism