Cam'ron - Welcome To My World (2013)

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Cam'ron - Welcome To My World lyrics

Hey Camron, we’re going to the party, do you wanna come?
Hey f*ck you shorty
I will do what everybody else do?
Won’t hating me?
Come to my world

Reporting live girl, somewhere
Somewhere to getting that be hot girl
Why you’re fearing the gut?
But I got four-five sight girls
Girl what you’re talking ‘bout
Girl who you’re talking to?

Welcome to my world! What up?
Where you might get your shit .. girl got their waste last
Smelling on cup cars, .. parking to you
They still having dog fights, they still having dog fights
Man they don’t care about vacays
They’re gonna store and cover all
Girls fighting the nails alone
Baby mama light for you
Well they see don’t get alone
They try to blame me,
I say you bitches they got it wrong
Old girl got me f*cked up
Just cold girl got you s*cked up
Old world talk a lot, I like to take this time

New York city, man with the frogs on
Welcome to my world!
Welcome to my world!

(Girl, you know my baby father gave me no money in two years?
He ain’t even get the kids no school clothes
Will gonna ask me to s*ck his dick, hmh hm
Welcome to my world!)

Welcome to my world! What up?
That’s what you fools been dreaming bout
The two be growing I’ll be leaning out
Not Arizona, but my cousin in Phoenix house
I hope that d-tox
Man, may better clean em out
But look cribs, we clean em out
And when you drill like ..wall
Like time knows you’re awful
Yeah I got something for y’all
That Johnnson to Johnson
That ain’t no baby power,
Now head and just taste it,
What you’re thinking to maybe flown
Far far think thy
Yeah she got some lady power
I .. on the face,
Baby that’s just a baby shower
Been doing it for baby names, moving out state to state
Man I’ve been on this paper chase,
Niggas just hate that hate, but they know I’ll be making pain
No matter the season
But I’ve been ‘bout shaking bay
Man I told all your hoes before,
I don’t care we could go to war
My homies are loaded for
I know that you know the score,
And my jewelry
You can’t get out no clothing store, shit
Welcome to my world!
Welcome to my world!
Welcome to my world!