Cam Meekins - Sharks (2012)

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Cam Meekins - Sharks lyrics


The grass is always greener
Walk a mile in my shoes
What’s a one dollar finish to a million dollar move
I want more than just a cliche to get me through the day
But I get mad at myself cuz I can’t find the words to say


Most often noticed for the bogusness
I wrote this shit just sitting in the farmers market tryna find some focus
It’s a joke
Life is but a smoke
Burn it down have a stroke
Runnin round the city all these women like a can of coke
I like the ones who got some meat on there bones
The ones who got a lotta problems but they leave em alone
I ride the T and write my poems that’s when it comes to me the best
And when these suits try and test me gotta run and catch my breath
Management they wanna fire me
I’m sicka workin at the gym I’m skinny handin towels out while all the girlies checkin in
Couldn’t wait til 730 get off work a little early
Throw the music in the car and rush to no where in a hurry
My life so ordinary that I wanted something else
So I picked up the microphone and stopped blaming myself


Again and again I be following a trend
Chasing meaningless Rhetoric my doctor reccommends I spend at least 30 minutes in the sun I never can cuz I’m stuck inside talking to myself like he’s my friend
Shit you gotta step it up and pick the slack up
Like a cop or a second string they calling me the back up
And all these new hip hoppers they make there songs and got a crew or clique
I don’t I got a microphone two balls and my fuckin dick
I’m sick of you
Maggie she wants to hear the radio She turn that shit so loud
That’s why I couldn’t even save a Ho
The mainstream tellin her she need to be a slut
The underground tellin her she need to show some butt cut her wrist and trim the gut sittin there like what the fuck
I’m tryna be the one to say some different stuff don’t know what
Because I try so hard to make it so it seems you never listen so I’ll make this for myself and play this shit up in my kitchen
Fuck the fame and fuck the fortune
I’m recording and it’s scorching 94 on the thermometer I’m sittin on the porch and glad I’m able to connect with you like cable for the Internet
With every song you think I suck a little less