Calvin Crabtree - Ice Flow lyrics

[Verse 1: Calvin Crabtree]

Keep the peace and get pussy
That is all that is all that's on my mind, I'm set
Brother that you'll never forget
Can tell he eats his supper meat and potatoes with the whole wheat bread
Type of dude to step up drunk off some MD 20/20 just a bobbing his head
Spitting game as he pass, Get the girls smiling like they chiefed
Still I'm rolling hard like a colonel blunt in my mouth
Hat cocked to the left
Scar under my right eye looking like tear tracks, I'm balling
Can't touch me, O my level?
I stay spitting
Smoking Winston and Marlboro light
Trying to find new pussy and dodge them haters trying to fight
Yea you alright, Bout like having cable, Same shit every night
I stay on my feat stepping out stout like some brute cologne
That thug Calvin Still in the house tonight

[Hook: Calvin Crabtree]

Mother f(RECORD SCRATCH) still got it, He Servin Em' , Clowning
New & next up Crabtree hitting the best
The freshest cat
Hat to the left and back
Boy he burning them

[Verse 2: Calvin Crabtree]

Stepping Out stout
What it bout
In it like it was and always
Calvin on point
Remembered, people talking like its the best story ever but I'm in the now
Suckers don't even know they trowed and tipsy
Im left wide receiver pass it take it I get it
Champ cheifin hard telling what ill be in
Leaning ballin all em
I am god damn
Once again I got it
Hot, number one topic
Calvin truly something
Known for late night loving
Pussy on toast, in it deep and dippin
Pimpin ruff n gettin my grip in
Listen I am him
Coming back
New session boss stomping chucks in my face she giving me affection
Make it happen stacking
Living life rugged the good in my grasps but I can't tough it
I keep going most thought I would say fuck it
The bull shit and drama part of every day life understand
Something else loud no stealth
Under the belt, sack of heavy nuts
Tough outshining, reminding what its like to have skills
You ridein my coat tail thinking its nothing
Might of caught a lil luck but Calvins' the fuck in