Calliko - High Life (2014)

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Calliko - High Life lyrics


[Verse 1]
Mobbing thru my city
Twisting up sum sticky
Sambo hit me 35 for for fifty
Gotta pint of white remy
Bad bitch wit me
While her friend snap chattin me pics of her titties
Im a midwest mac
Free my nigga thrax
I took a vow that i would put my city on the map
I can't be held bac
No time to relax
Tryna ball til i fall better check a nigga stat
Money comin quicker than a speed boat
Bitch I'm tryna fill a duffle up wit c notes
Gettin cash money wit my brothers like neno
On worldstar wit young chop reppin east mo
Tell me what the fuck u nigga doing
Or better yet where the cash at
I been outta town on bidnesss
Deposition checks sent from as cap
Fuck all that Facebook fame bruh let the broke niggas have dat
Gave this music my all now I'm gettin on who u pussy niggas mad at
Oh me
I'm that guy
Drownin in ya bitch like I'm tryna get baptized
I got that work yo bitch smoking from my crack pipe
My ship set sail I'm sorry yours capsized
From the look of my rose gold watch it look about that time
To put on for the city of the east whole team finna eat every beat gettin flatlined


[Verse 2]
C - a double l- i - k - o
Tryna make my money stack like lego
Word to asap rocky i gotta fuccin proble wit these pesos
Have u broke nigga ever seen a bankroll
Ain't got time for 9-5 I'm a grind til i get to sign on that dotted line
Spittoon rhyme after rhyme til i shine and finally make it to them dollars signs
Since i first started these niggas been hatin
I got they bitch naked on top of me planking
Now they given me praise cuz they know I'm a make it
My songs they go harder than niggas thats famous
I'm tired of this faking can't take it no mo
Niggas smile in yo face when they hatin the most
My stomach is aching I'm anxious to blow
This my life when i spit every word that i wrote
Damn hold up lemme slow it down so these niggas understand
In my city I'm the illest of spittas these niggas know I'm the fuccin man
But they steady sending shots but I'm just waiting on one to land
The day they let me in these rappers are gonna shit they mothafuccin pants