Cage - Spectre Of War lyrics

My last drop of blood has fled from my wounds
Now I'm returning to dust
For glory and country I've given my life
Now I'm just a memory lost
Memory lost
My last living thoughts they flash through my mind
As I see in the distance a light
I summon my last ounce of strength bright
Lead me to paradise
Hear me my love as I call out your name
Call to you for the last time
find solace and comfort in knowing the truth
The truth that this is not goodbye is not goodbye
My heartbeat is fading
My vision is weak as I lay amongst bodies and sand
Violence and love are both gifts from above
But war is the folly of man
All shield your eyes from the spectre of war
Justice is blind but not for the spectre of war
Tyrannic designs raises the spectre of war
Haunting our minds is the spectre of war