Caerimonium - Asylum lyrics

No one heard the yelling
I tainted his furious dreams
The Freudian hisses
And the mental pictures in between

There’s no escaping the madness
No sign of sweet relief
The chanting continues
Salvation a bitter thief

I’m trapped alone
With red notes
Sublime visions
Sheltered thoughts

I gain control
A humble soul
I am but a window
Post mortem

My frightened eyes
Makes good disguise
What you all see;
You levity

I’m righteously unholy
Licentious in name only
A threat to those who know me
And why Jesus became a drunk

In torment I intonate
Destruction my opiate
On black days I demonstrate
Music for soar ears

On sacred wings and magic strings
And open for what love it brings
I pour it in my teat to set it free
To me it’s just a petty theft
An openhearted manifest,
To use for those who choose to tag along

As ruler of world and the unknown
I sit diminished and rot alone
On my fierce and quiet throne
Oh, jailor, please engrave my stone