CYNE - Maintain lyrics

Verse 1

I settle back in the afternoon,
Munchin on lemonade and macaroons
Letting a Parasonic blast a tune,
Feeling lovely,
Bullsh*t can never touch me,
A hard day's work, shower up a n*gga must be
Fresh and clean,
Splash a neck,
Smell good,
Pop the colla stallin cause I'm knockin on wood,
Good luck will follow,
Let's cop a bottle,
Let's live today,
Promised day tomorrow
Listenin' to wise words,
No sense calmin' my nerves,
Put the drink down front tires hit'n the curb
Step'n out of the car,
Cise Starr the realest,
Nuthin but the truth,
My presence will hurt feelins',
Livin' it up,
Not a balla but still maintain,
Keepin' my self ready main,
Go slow, change lanes,

(Swervin' from lane to lane, Movin the second gear side to side)

Chorus (x2):
The daily grind got me up in the rat race,
But now Imma pull over, pit stop and change pace, Gotta get a breather,
Or else I'll either,
Fall down and get back up and maintain,

Verse 2
It's like a cool drink of water, on a hot day refreshin'
I'll need a area town neighborhood in sections,

Money left over after bills is a blessin',
So now that I'm out on the town,
Eternal reflection,
Comin' out with speakers,
Right before Ether,
I need ya,
Right after this track,
They'll call me Dia,
Makin a mix,
Hearin' '96 through the stereo,
F*ck the radio,
As I slide through your barbecue,
Drivin' a long,
Hopin' the traffic is gone,
Turn it up and push repeat because it's my favorite song,
Play what the soul say,
Cause it's my favorite song,
Parachutin' out the sky track number two is on,
Vibin' the music,
I let my whole mind loose it,
I'm never around Judas,
I'm a man of my word,
Front bullets out the heater,
There's beats out of the speaker,
Reach out of your corner and embrace the world,
Stress on the nerves,
Reactin' when I swerve,
F*ck it, I'm stayin' steady, do you know what you heard? Wisdom out of the tooth,
The elders speakin' to youth ,
I'm sittin' back in the booth just recitin' my words,

Chorus (x2)

(It's time to chill, I know you feel me.)
(Back it...and maintain.