CYNE - Loopholes lyrics

I slapbox with devils and speak to Gods,
Asking them questions like ‘do I need a job?’
Cuz a nigga got stressful time 9 to 5
I weather the migraine just to survive
got a chip on my shoulder for real
and you can tell when, this nigga smile with a smirk cuz it’s hell sent
Feeling I’m doing work for the devil, because I’ve got a bad back
but the wrath of a rebel see
Every day is like an episode, I replay it, I dig life like a retro DJ
Try to stay on top of things
so the raw uncut shit is what I sing
Believe it or not, I’m feed off of experience
Experience is this, and it’s bliss because you’re hearing it
Believe it or not, I'm feeding off experience
Experience is this, and it's bliss because you're hearing it
I wanna find a loophole in the sky so I could