CHVRCHES - Under The Tide (2014)

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CHVRCHES - Under The Tide lyrics

[Verse 1: Martin Doherty]
I'm watching you run
Run from the sidelines

Take in a breath
Fill in your lungs
Keeping you alive

No fear
I'll be your eyes
I'll be a lifeline

And if I can be
I'll be your strength
And it won't be long now

Head up, head up
Keep holding, holding
Your head up, head up
Keep holding, holding

[Verse 2]
If you can see
And you believe
Why are you so scared

But if you don't care
Then why are we here
And what do you have left


Don't you take another step
Away from here
I would go anywhere with you
What a lie

I'll break down
But you will never see
Tell me, are you happy?
Are you really happy?

Stay under the tide
Stay in my eyeline
Looking ahead, there is a chance
Wherever it all ends

Head up, head up
And stay strong
Holding your head up, head up
Keep holding, holding

[Outro] 2x
Slowly cross off the days
That you've said you can hide
Try to retie the ties
That you won't leave behind