CD - Warrior lyrics

Try to test me you can't upset me
The only person left standing must be
A warrior built off of self esteem
At an all time low he has no means
No family, no home to run to
Breathing but still his throats in this noose
Fuck the people who said i'm not shit
Minimum wage must give you balls to back it
Myspace your space cum painting your face
Emo pussies with their blood all over the place
Faggots who complain and drink pussy beers
Suck me don't fuck me i'm giving you a cheers
Here's to falling down and staying down
You didn't learn your lesson so you're back for a second round

I'm a warrior
You can't fuck with me
You wont fuck with me
I'm tired of this hypocrisy

Blown up shot down shooting that straight crown
Into my lungs watch them turn black now
Fuck it feels like a party in my mouth
Everyones throwing up but the music's still loud
Of course it seems when i puff on the seed
Bob marley knew one day the world would bleed
So he said fuck it you only live once
So smoke all the weed you can until you combust
We got heavy metal steel made from dollar bills
Cruising down the side bar with mass appeal
Everyone's high and no one gives a fuck
So light up that joint then pass that shit up