Buzz Poets - Blue lyrics

Downtown to get them right (??)
Blue love so we collide
Rain is fallin' from my eyes
Blue skies we will despise

(Steal Me) Steal me away from myself
I can't stand livin' without you
I am so blue

Freefall through circus skies
Pillows of comfort lines (??)
Freeway leadin' us astray
Rainfall washes us away


You lovin' comin' through so fast
Drink it up I come and cook it and pass
In the sun we ride the waves
From the beach a come back like slaves
In the sunset I could taste you
Blue moons they shine to replace you
Fantasies they tease the breeze
Lock the flower and drop like leaves

Well well, you changed your mind
Blue love, my favorite kind


I am dieing without you
I am so blue