Butterflies For Cassie - Kiss Behind Your Ears, We Fall Asleep On The Grass, Hand In Hand lyrics

Under these lights is the best time
To Tell you just the way I feel
The ocean blue makes your skin shimmer
We can't get closer than this
If we were to fall in, the breeze would catch us
We could fly anywhere
You're the only reason we don't float away

You won't say yes, you never will
Do you know just how it feels
To lose all faith in yourself
And not want to see the sun?
You can't truly say that you've never Felt anything for me
I know it's crossed your mind
At least once, maybe a few times

I'll sit on these rocks and stare blankly
At what my life should be
Right now it's hard to feel anything
Except a sense of displacement
To be something more than me
Something you would want to love
We'd join our hands and dance
Until the waves stop crashing

Let's stay in my room, we don't need the sky
I see the sunrise in your eyes
I want you to be the last thing
I ever hold in my arms
Please don't pull away
You mean more than the world to me
I meant every word I ever said
And i'm so sorry

I'll keep that time when we held hands
The first time I felt alive
And everyone stared at us
As if we'd done something right
Let's dance through 'til sunlight
And embrace in the moonlight
Wait in the park until time ends
It's already come for us