Butcher Abc - Wice lyrics

Plummeting down, smashed into the ground
Peaceful collapse, existence relapse
Carnal fulfilment, holy defilement
Deviant freak, pervert of god

Sacrilegious, wicked blasphemer
Temporal coital desires of corrupt debaucherous depravity

Virtue is vice
Vice is your virtue

Tearing of flesh
Bodies enmeshed
No thoughts of regret
Pleasures beget
Trists that are set
Gashes made wet
Through blood that is let
Sex and violence are met

Ecstasies of flesh and blood – fresh, unique, unspoiled
Wallowing in newfound delights – unholy, sinful, unsoiled

Light no longer shines so bright,
The darkness calls you after
The threats of guilt are drowned
In your hedonistic laughter

Holy being, stripped prestige
Cast from the promise land
Desecrating convictions of the flesh
Punished back to Sodom

Black sun burns, burial ground
Your hand dyed with blood, dying red
The black son burns by the blood soaked sun
Your hands dead, dying red