Butcher Abc - Abc Butchers Co. Ltd. lyrics

Gathering into the underground,
Hunting humans, merciless and malicious
Thousands of acres, they just multiply
Herds of animals, just bred to die

Clean and neat, we won't spoil the meat
On the slab, their guts emit a reek
Endless supply, fat plump and fresh
The large slow and meek are what we like best

Fat ribs – on my plate
Flesh tongue – lap the blood
Lick lips - engorged on meat
Slaver – cut up nice and neat

I hear forty - the bidding starts
Sixty - the bid goes up
Ninety – to you, kind sir
Ninety–nine point nine
And then you die

Butchers gather, a human slaughter treat
Corpses brought out, a parade of succulent meat
The bids are up, action sale begins
The gavel drops, buyers hope to win

ABC Butchers Co Ltd.
Fund zero, stock free
Retail, wholesale, home delivery
Cut and packaged for no extra fee

Human flesh
Cheap yet delicious