Butane - T.A.B.S lyrics

Pictures are worth 900 words

Words are worth even more I've heard

But nothing's worth more than the Tim face

Who needs a car or a cell phone

The city bus will always get you home

Who really wants to drive in L.A. anyway

We've all been spoiled by Rancid,

Never taken Op Ivy for granted

We've all been Transplanted too

I don't even know where I would be

If your tunes weren't a part of me

Now this my gift to you

For all you've inspired me to do

This is a punk rock birthday song

Music gives us a place where we belong

Life's a chorus that we should sing along

Happy birthday Tim Armstrong

You don't even know the hope you give kids

All the punks, all the skins, and misfits

From Granada, Minnesota to the alleys of LA

You need to hear the good you've done

I'm sure you hear it from everyone

Now this my chance for you to hear it from me

You gave John and I a home

Now we'll never be alone

This is a story that I can tell

Thanks to Nicole and Tinkerbell