Butane - Long Time lyrics

Long time, no see

When's the last time you hung out with me

Two years ago, where the time goes

I don't know

My life is rearranged

But the company I keep will never change

You mean the world to me

It's so sad that some people will never see

I've been gone oh so long

But I'll never forget those times with John

Things always change but not how I see

The world and the people close to me

I promise not to ever let

Anything in this world

Make me forget

Do you think it seems

All my time away was just a dream

Two years and still we are the same

I miss most

Since I've been gone

Sitting for hours with the guitar writing songs

Our band was called KOFFEEBREAK

And man I miss the music that we would make

Long time, no see

Burnt into my mind the last time will always be

More years and time goes by

You're still here and I'll be fine.