Butane - Institution lyrics

Who's the one that brings you down

Who's the one that makes you feel so small

Like you're not worth anything at all

I don't ever want to see his face

I don't want to know if he's around

This side of town

And he might seem like he's cool (he's cool)

But I'll tell you what I think

I don't believe it

I don't even know why I care

I don't know why I sit and stare

At the wall

While we're eating dinner

While we're laying in my bed

Crazies running miles through my head

Telling me

That I shouldn't be here!

And it might seem like it's all cool (it's cool)

But I'll tell you what I think

Who can I really trust

If I can't trust myself

Know one really knows me better

Maybe if the planets are perfectly aligned

The author of the universe says that it's alright

And everything happens at the right time

Trust in the feeling you have inside

I know it's hard to recognize

But it's the one that keeps on seeking

And you just can't hide!