Bushwalla - Brief History lyrics

This is a brief history of nearly everything about me

See I was born a light man with fight man, no plans
Seven pounds, six ounces Italian Bohemian
My mother's name was Marianne
Midwest did best with the soon to be hairy chest
At the age of two I was left at the counter of a pharmacist
See dad, never proud of this
Cuz he spent his time catching fish with me
His name is Bill, B-Ill soon to be super chill
Dad was a bull, ya see,
Diesel engines he would pull for 40 years
Always calling mom "Dear" and "Marribelle"
Automatic weapons he would sell
To other men half as brave as him
Many times I said I'm from Cleveland and this is true, ya'll
But it's hard to represent a place I hardly ever go through
See I was turned away from the cold weather place
So at the age of 24 California I would stray like a cat
Now that's where I'm at
Making beats and writing dope tracks
And dope is never where it's at
Trust me, I've tried that

See I almost destroyed everything
Just to feel my heart sing
And sing is what I do
To try to connect with you
Back to the next line
When I wrote my first line
New York was the best time
Without even a time-line
See I dropped outta school to be cool with the new fool
Loving the city life
Still can't get it right
Big Nick's pizza will give you chronic diarrhea
Twenty bucks a week, what a treat to be incomplete
Went to the American Music Academy, started smoking pot

A lot.

What was I talking about?
Oh yeah, you shoulda seen my ass in black tights in ballet class
Back then my name was Bushwick
Like the Ghetto Boys
Dad called me Bozzledorf
Bought me tons of He-Man toys
And I still have every one
So my kids can one day have some
Perform is what I do
Since the age of nine
But now it sounds sweet
[?] gangsta through your alpines
But there was a minute
I stared at life through a clown's nose
Learned how to juggle
And do tricks with your panty-hoes
[?] hire Barney
We had to call him the purple dinosaur
You never saw Sally the Camel's humps
Rock before
Did singing telegrams
Where I stripped to my underpants
When life was minimal
I bought tons of animals
3 big alligators, snakes, a ferret
An iguana named Boner,
A chinchilla and a parrot
What next?...
Never took to drinking
But almost lost it to tweaking
Now creation is all I'm thinking about
I love to shout
It gets my point across
Shoulda used more dental floss
From all the teeth I've lost
Still into girls but I'm married to the music
Often think Why'd we choose this?
God I'd hate to lose it
You see, I sorta hate my voice
But I got one to rock one
And sometimes pretty's ugly
And bad equals bad-ass
Like you writing songs fast
Don't bother with the aftermath
Bob Schneider told me to write even if its shitty
The worst thing that happens is that you practice being witty
And witty is what we do
Don't be a dick and stay true to this gig
Its just a little time we got and make it count
And believe in us.

This is a brief history
Of nearly everything about me

One more time

This is a brief history
Of nearly everything about me