Burton Cummings - Love Dream lyrics

I might be loose-lipped
I'm doing too much talking,
Not much time now just for sittin' around,
I gotta move fast
Runnin' stead of walkin'
Got an angel over my shoulder
Down here on the ground...

Cause I got a love dream
There's no more audtions
Got a love dream
You've got the starring part, my honey
Big screen
It's no apparition
Got a love dream
Cause you been running away with the part
You're running away with my heart.

It's full-fledged afternoon
No more gloomy mornings
Hold my head up proudly
As I dash on by
I got some big bliss
I mean to hold on steady
Got an angel over my shoulder
And she's so close by...

Cause I got a love dream...
Love dream...
You're starring honey...
Love dream...