Burning Mona Lisa - When The Suns Set Over Singer And Tollgate lyrics

Let's afford connection to reflection and rhyme.
Let's afford the fluid to set all we've done on fire.
Let's run away and let it burn out with time.
Let's decompose with the ruins, with the ashes, we retire.
I'm through with this charade, why can't we just let go?
The game we play, it's over now, how'd we sink so low?
I'll write a declaration just to let you know.
Speak it loud, break you down, just like the rolling thunder.
If I could write a song
I'd let you know that staying put would be a blunder.
We've been in static way too long.
And now its time to part
Because, you know, surviving is a long forgotten art.
We'll shake hands, and kiss each other, then drop to our knees.
The poison's in, the lights are out, and our bodies die with ease.
Forget it all, but memories
And drift out with the breeze
Minds are in sync once again but bodies begging please.
Left here with drama's friends
Dreams are such a tease
We think them up with cruel intentions
And our stomachs fill with queeze
But now it's time to let it burn
And pay off all our fees.

We tried so desperatly to save our sinking ship.
The icy water was as blue as both our lips.
We held each other tight to share our fading warmth.
We faded slowly together and our
Thoughts of death began to swarm.
Our legs are broken and the road is long
But we travel fastest on a song
The butterflies have lost their feeling
The sound of breaking is more appealing
Abandoning all but our thoughts and our smiles.
We've walked in circles for ten thousand miles.
We shuffle through our mental files.
We fight to swim the length of the nile.
We gotta struggle to defile
And avoid those pretty crocodlies
Those brown-eyed monsters love to attack.
They steal your breath from front to back.
I don't know if I can take much more of this
This ain't right, our names are a death wish
We fall under crashing hard.
I'm done with this life, now, We part.