Burning Mona Lisa - Sing It lyrics

A dark red sunset fills up the hillsides
We are all engulfed in its shroud
I know it's not up to me, but I'm inclined
To shoot your ass down and sing this aloud
Listen to me now
You better not speak up
Or I'll knock you down
And when they ask us what's the deal
We say we hate this shit we've seen and done and heard
And that's for real
Well I can't stand it when you asking what I'm doing here.
I can't stand where I'm going now
But I can sing, I can play, and life's just a melody
It's not just where you're going it's how
Listen to me now
You better not interrupt, or I'll throw you down
And when they tell us all to quit
We'll say yeah right, get a life, and I wish the best to you
Now sing it